One Young World 2019 Scholarships In London, UK

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One Young World 2019 Scholarships In London, UK

OYW Overview

One Young World is a nonprofit organization based in the United Kingdom which brings together young talents around the world so to develop solutions to the most pressing global problems. It launches it’s One Young World 2019 Scholarships In London, UK

One Young World holds their annual conferences around various cities the world over, including representatives from charitable organizations, NGOs, societies, and universities of world leaders as young advisors worldwide. Since its foundation in 2009-2015, one of the youngest worlds has hosted 6 peaks with a total of 8,000 participants aged 18 to 30 from 196 countries.

OYW launched this year’s flagship “Leading Scholarships” program, which is open to all countries of the world for the first time. If you are a young leader from one of these 6 regions, apply now:

Eligible Nationalities

1. Leader in Europe
2. Asia leader
3. Leadership in America
4. Leadership in the Middle East
5. At the head of Africa
6. Leading the Pacific

Aside from One Young World Scholarships 2019there are other scholarships available to international students to study abroad.

One Young World Scholarships Worth

  • Access to One Young World Summit 2019.
  • Shared accommodation between 22nd and 25th of October 2018.
  • Meals with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Transportation between the Summit property and the summit location.
  • Summit documents and auxiliary material.
  • The cost of travel to and from London. Your flight to and from London must depart from and return to one and the same international airport.

Eligibility for One Young World Sponsorships 2019

In order to be eligible for One Young World Sponsorships Program, applicants must

  • Be Between 18 and 30 years
  • Have an evidenced commitment to delivering positive change
  • Demonstrate the ability to lead
  • Address important local and/or global issues in your work
  • Have experience in generating effective and innovative ideas
  • Are nationals of a passport state of one of the countries listed in the six regions mentioned.

How to Apply for One Young World Sponsorship

To apply for a specific region, please visit the link provided.

Apply now

Application deadline for One Young World Sponsorships 2019

One Young World Sponsorships Application deadline is April 15, 2019

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