The International Transformer Bond University Scholarship in Australia

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The International Transformer Bond University Scholarship in Australia

Every year Two Transformer Scholarships are awarded to students starting their Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree at the Bond University in the following year, January semester. Transformer Scholarships offer up to 50% tuition remission for any single undergraduate Bachelor’s degree or postgraduate Master’s degree program (excluding the Bond Medical Program) and are awarded to students who have high potential to affect real change through participation in the Transformer program.

Eligibility standards for the Transformer Scholarship h

The Transformer Scholarship is open to all students applying for any single undergraduate Bachelor’s degree or postgraduate Master’s degree (excluding the Bond Medical Program). Applicants for the Transformer Scholarship must provide evidence that they meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Strong leadership skills, community involvement and demonstrated potential to affect change;
  • Extensive involvement in extracurricular activities; and
  • Applicants must also meet the entry requirements for their chosen program of study.

How to Apply for the scholarship 

Applications for this scholarship are now open online and close 6 September, 2019.

Students must complete and submit their scholarship application prior to the application closing date. No late scholarship applications will be considered. If you are applying for more then one scholarship with different application closing dates, it is important to submit your scholarship application form by the earliest scholarship closing date.

Scholarship applicants will be required to submit the following documents as part of their scholarship application:

  • A School reference (if you are currently in your final year of high school you will be asked to provide your Career Advisors details as part of the scholarship application form and we will follow-up with them directly to provide a reference);
  • Evidence of your leadership, initiative, and service to your school and/or community, including 2 references. Please use the Summary of Achievements template to present this evidence; and
  • A personal statement outlining why you have applied for this scholarship.

In addition, all Transformer Scholarship applicants are required to submit a short video pitch of themselves that concisely and persuasively answer the following questions:

  1. What is the problem? What is the problem you would like to explore as a participant in the Transformer? Why is it important? Why hasn’t the problem been solved already? What alternative solutions exist, if any?
  2. Why you? Why are you the right person to take on this problem? What personal characteristics and experiences do you feel you possess that are relevant to the taking on your proposed project? Why will others want to work with you on this project? Why do you want to come to Bond and participate in the Transformer?

Videos should be no longer than three minutes in length and must be uploaded to YouTube for online viewing. Make sure you submit an accurate URL for your video in the space provided in your application. Videos longer than three minutes will not be considered.

Download our Scholarship Application Guide for useful application tips and FAQ’s.

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